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New year, new trainers

3 Jan

My assault on the January sales went like clockwork.

I am now the owner of so much day-glo I could be a convincing backing dancer for Cher Lloyd on the X Factor tour.

My best work was done in Sports Direct where everything was really really cheap – hurrah! I came out with two pairs of lycra running leggings, one of them allegedly for men but as they fitted me I decided it was a case of mistaken identity and nabbed them for £8.

asics trainers

As I was leaving I spied a luminous yellow shower-proof running jacket for £6. Sold to the lady who likes to run. To refer to it as “high vis” would be an understatement.

RAF brother made fun of my current running trainers. “Them?” he asked with a tone of derision in his voice which can only be described as patronising. “Yes.” I said defensively, “Them.”

But on reflection the pink beauties displayed proudly at the top of this very blog were coming to the end of their natural lifespan and it was probably time we went our separate ways.

So out with the old, in with the new. A smart pair of Asics 2150 gel trainers are now mine for half the price in the sale.

I’ve always been sceptical that trainers or other kit makes any difference. If you’re a slow runner, you’re a slow runner, right? Wrong.

I took them out for a two mile test run and I zipped around noticeably faster but without any noticeable increase in effort. You know those pictures of rain drops pinging back up from the pavement in Indian monsoons? Well that’s how my feet felt. And as quickly as they rebounded I put them back down and before I knew it my two miles were done. The gel soles were recommended by RAF brother, and I can see why.

Before I left Liverpool there was just time to pop into Blacks where I was delighted to find North Face hyvent waterproof trousers for half price too. No, of course I’m not thinking of running in them – but I will be taking them out on some nice long rambles which must count as “training” in some way. Surely?

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