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Things I learnt on Day 1 of Juneathon

1 Jun

Had it not been day one of Juneathon and the shame of quitting therefore too great it is altogether possible that I would not have gone out for a run today.

I had to be in work by 7am and was filled with a murderous rage-like sensation when my alarm buzzed at 5.30am this morning.

After a day spent at the coal face of local news uncovering the kind of public interest news stories that the world needs to know about I had to have a little nap before I could contemplate running anywhere, and a piece of cake.

I was starting to weigh up the possibility of a cup of tea when twitter Juneathoner @stephenamp complained “About to go run day one of Juneathon. Unlike January I’m far from bounding out the door… whole body just says no!”

When I offered  moral support / hinted at the possibility that giving up wouldn’t be so terrible eagle-eyed Juneathon mistress @jogblog swooped and effectively kicked me out the door with “Slackers! I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s run already!”

Sulking a bit I set off, up the hill, onto the main road, past a pub – resisting urge for pint – and on and on.

The first two miles felt more like six and seemed to take forever, the last mile was fun and zipped by, but by this point I could practically smell dinner.

On the way, when I wasn’t thinking about how thoroughly unpleasant running is, I learnt that:

1. I need a PA if I’m going to complete Juneathon. Already I have a day where exercise is physically impossible due to work at 7am, followed by a train journey, followed by pre-arranged drinks. I wondered if walking from one end of Virgin trains pendolino service to the other can masquerade as a work out? I’ve decided the key to success is in the scheduling.

2. Running is all the mind. Actually, I knew this already but I forget and then am always amazed by the discovery I can keep going if I just don’t stop.

3. Coffee cake 10 mins before a run will make you feel sick, even if it is a very small piece.

Distance: 3 miles
Time: 0:29:00
Pace: Respectable


Wedding belles

9 Jan

Congratulations card in hand I walked to the post box as a warm up.

The card is for Kev and Han a pair of very good friends I went to university with who are now engaged. They are part of a group of which has remained close since graduating – but they are the first of us to do anything as grown up as agree to wed.

I reflected on how frightening it is to feel the tide is turning as I began my run. As my mum said sagely when I mentioned the news, “you’ll all be dropping like flies now.” How romantic.

Jogging across the field I realised that a Venn diagram is the best way to describe my feelings on the situation, so inspired by fellow Janathon blogger Cake of Good Hope and her ground breaking work with pie charts I drew one.

Ta da!

"Soon you'll be dropping like flies"

The Venn of fear and weddings

Crossing the main road and starting a gentle climb I wondered to myself if they’d set a date yet, and if so when Hannah would be starting the inevitable wedding diet.

I should make it absolutely clear that she looks fantastic, cycles everywhere, has a great bum as a result and most definitely does not need to contemplate losing weight.

Having said all of that, every other woman I know who is engaged is now on a wedding dress diet – without exception. No matter how lovely they all look – which must be very lovely as someone has been suitably impressed to propose to them.

One Janathon twitter type @herrygilly has gone as so far as to sign up to run the Liverpool half marathon four days before she walks down the aisle.

Pace flagging slightly and feeling a bit puffed out as I ran the slight uphill section I wondered if – in the event of me becoming a fiancée – I too would capitulate and take to the Ryvita?

I’d like to think not, but then as a stitch threatened to develop as I chugged along the final strait I realised I was fooling no-one, not even myself – of course I’d resort to some kind of Weight Watchers misery. You have to look at those pictures for the rest of your life.

I mused on the possibility of employing photoshop to do the dieting for me as I did my stretches, but then my expertise in that department is sadly limited (you don’t want to know how long that Venn diagram took).

I could enlist the help of an airbrushing expert such as twitterer @knittingpenguin, but then I may appear with giraffe features and wearing a Swiss hat at a jaunty angle – yesterday she revealed:

I used to spend far too much time photoshopping hats on creatures.

I was underworked in a badly paid job. My boss accepted that I was developing skills of a sort.

Marital diets and white weddings aside, it was great to get out and run again after being ill since Tuesday. Bring on the rest of Janathon.

Distance: 2.08 miles
Time: 0:21:30
Pace: 5.8mph / 9.3kmh

Ready to run

17 Dec

Do you run? I do sometimes, although not very far or very fast.

But soon that’s going to change as the birth of this blog signals the start of my marathon training.

I’ve never run one before and I’ve not yet signed up for an event, so apart from the small matter of  26miles, there’s still a fair way to go.

My running CV isn’t very illustrious, although I would like to think it’s not totally devoid of promise – more on this to come – but my limited previous experience has taught me that I lack motivation.

So that’s where this blog comes in; I’m hoping that I’ll find an online community full of running, tweeting, blogging,  training types similar to my good friend Miss Carly Steven who will spur me on to the finish line.

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