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An old foe

10 Jan

Today has been a triumph over adversity, I am pleased to announce.

Yes it was Monday, and it was raining and I started work an hour early and still finished two and half hours late. Yes I sat through a harrowing account of domestic abuse in court, yes it was dark when I got home and no I didn’t eat enough for lunch. None of that mattered, there are miles to be run.

If it weren’t for Janathon there is no way I’d have got out the door at 7.45pm and at one point when the ipod repeatedly refused to load my new running mix it looked doubtful.

The real test of Janathon, I suspect, is not the running but finding the will to fit it in everyday – especially on weekdays.

Anyway, once I was out the door it was easy.

I opted for a three mile route that starts with an evil hill, which I’ve now almost grown accustomed to, and then remains flat for about 1.25 miles, then I turn back and do it all in reverse. This means returning in the direction of home is a downhill run at the end towards beef stew and dumplings.

But I’ve never liked running the route – for no particular reason, it just never seems to work for me and always felt like an unforgiving slog.

Until today, when I sailed round in my own little world, glowing in the light of my new £6 day-glo shower-proof high-vis jacket.

Work was quite full on and so I didn’t attempt to marshal any thoughts and am now pleasantly empty-headed. The only thing of significance to cross my mind was that I need to eat more at lunchtime.

Distance: 2.96 miles
Time: 0:29:46
Pace: 5.96mph / 9.6kmh

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