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In stitches

8 Jun

It isn’t a laughing matter, so no sniggering at the back please.

I ran the last half a mile today with the worst stitch I’ve ever had – because it felt like two stitches in one across my stomach.

Despite the Stitch Of Death I soldiered on, and in fact if anything I think it made me run faster, because I was so keen to get the pain over with.

A decent breakfast today may also have helped speed me up – after my highly scientific study I can confirm that yesterday’s ginger biscuits and slice of buttered toast (white bread for extra minus points) did not provide the same energy boost as today’s double helping of good old weetabix.

My legs are really beginning to feel tired now it’s day eight and I’m weighing up getting the bike out tomorrow to vary the impact on my joints which have made themselves known in a “what the bloody hell are you doing to us?!” kind of way today.

So the bike makes sense, but it is also my nemesis after an incident in Milton Keynes involving a wet leaf and the pavement which didn’t end well. I’ll take the decision tomorrow, depending on how much pain I’m in.

The end of June is starting to seem a very long way away…

Distance: 2.5 miles
Time: 0:23:00
Pace: 09:11
Joy at realising this was MUCH faster than yesterday: Infinite

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