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Grumpy goes for a run

12 Jun

A run will snap me out of a bad mood, as a general rule.

I tend to find that whatever winds me up during the day is overshadowed by the more pressing need to breathe, run through a stitch and not get mowed down by traffic.

But today it just wasn’t working. My inner grumpy monologue was not going to give up.


the grouch doesn't give up

“It’s raining and it’s not going to stop,” it reminded me every 30 seconds.

Interspersed with, “and your legs feel like lead” and the occasional refrain of “this isn’t as much fun as yesterday’s bike ride”.

In a huff I turned back towards home after it piped up with the killer line “AND you’ve got to go to work tonight”.

I got back even more grumpy than when I set out, because I’d been beaten by the inner grump – which made me mad.

Then I realised what a self-fulfilling grumpy prophecy it had all become and decided that I might as well go to work as it’s wet and windy outside and I’ve done my Juneathon for the day.

Distance: 1.26miles
Time: 00:11:30
Pace: 09:07


Puppy power!

10 Jun

I don’t normally warm up – I just zoom out the door before I can change my mind.

But today was different because Hettie the new puppy was refusing to go to sleep in her cage (a short-term measure until she learns that chewing furniture is not acceptable) which meant I couldn’t leave the house until she’d stopped yowling. The neighbours don’t like yowling.

She’s not old enough to come with me on runs – her final vaccination is next week – so the only thing for it was to chase her around the garden in the hope I’d tire her out.


Legs stretched thanks to Hettie I hit the road. I was aiming for six miles, but came a bit short as the last stretch was an unpleasant slog.

I wasn’t too hard on myself, as yesterday was a crazy day that started at 6am and involved a stupid train journey, a late shift at work which went on until midnight and someone calling in sick – these things happen. I interviewed David Morrissey, took lots of calls about a factory fire and mopped up what felt like a zillion other odds and sods before the paper went to press on time – just.

David Morrisseyy

David Morrissey

In fact about the only thing yesterday’s enormous to-do list didn’t involve was a Juneathon run – but that was due to a complete lack of time, not motivation.

Also as today’s is the longest of Juneathon so far, and therefore a success, I figure today can count for yesterday too?

When I got back Hettie helped me to stretch by chewing my shoelaces and sitting on my stomach as I tried to pull my knees into my chest.

Distance: 5.234miles
Time: 00:50:00
Pace: 09:33
Amount of time you can be angry with a naughty puppy: 00:00:03

In stitches

8 Jun

It isn’t a laughing matter, so no sniggering at the back please.

I ran the last half a mile today with the worst stitch I’ve ever had – because it felt like two stitches in one across my stomach.

Despite the Stitch Of Death I soldiered on, and in fact if anything I think it made me run faster, because I was so keen to get the pain over with.

A decent breakfast today may also have helped speed me up – after my highly scientific study I can confirm that yesterday’s ginger biscuits and slice of buttered toast (white bread for extra minus points) did not provide the same energy boost as today’s double helping of good old weetabix.

My legs are really beginning to feel tired now it’s day eight and I’m weighing up getting the bike out tomorrow to vary the impact on my joints which have made themselves known in a “what the bloody hell are you doing to us?!” kind of way today.

So the bike makes sense, but it is also my nemesis after an incident in Milton Keynes involving a wet leaf and the pavement which didn’t end well. I’ll take the decision tomorrow, depending on how much pain I’m in.

The end of June is starting to seem a very long way away…

Distance: 2.5 miles
Time: 0:23:00
Pace: 09:11
Joy at realising this was MUCH faster than yesterday: Infinite

Afternoon running

7 Jun

I’m working later than usual today, so had time free this afternoon for a run.

I normally do my running in the evening after work or first thing before I leave for the day, so a 2pm run was a novelty.

I noticed that you see far more pensioners, prams and dog walkers at that time of day – perfect for a nosey parker such as myself.

The run was fairly uneventful, my legs weren’t really in the mood today – but Juneathon got me out the door, so that’s a result.

Scissor Sisters on the BB helped too, bringing my run to a suitably uplifting anthemic close with Fire with Fire.

Distance: 2.5 miles
Time: 0:28:00
Pace: 11:11

Primrose Hill

6 Jun

My Juneathon tour of London continued on Sunday, taking me to Primrose Hill.

There was no point trying to celeb spot – apparently Kate, Sadie, Sienna and Jude are all long gone – and besides it was pouring down with rain and very unglam on a Sunday night.

My boyfriend was insistent we did our Juneathon duty and wouldn’t be persuaded that a few sit ups in the living room would be sufficient, so off we went.

Primrose Hill is, as the name suggests, a hill so he ran up it and I huffed and puffed along behind. I’d spent the afternoon in the pub and wasn’t sure I should be running after polishing off a gin and tonic and a couple of glasses of wine. Don’t drink and run kids.

Anyway, what with the hill, the rain and the booze it was all a bit of slog, with the only highlight boyfriend’s attempt to kiss me while on the run. No tongues, obviously.

Distance: 2 miles
Time: 0:20:00
Pace: 10:00

Things I learnt on Day 1 of Juneathon

1 Jun

Had it not been day one of Juneathon and the shame of quitting therefore too great it is altogether possible that I would not have gone out for a run today.

I had to be in work by 7am and was filled with a murderous rage-like sensation when my alarm buzzed at 5.30am this morning.

After a day spent at the coal face of local news uncovering the kind of public interest news stories that the world needs to know about I had to have a little nap before I could contemplate running anywhere, and a piece of cake.

I was starting to weigh up the possibility of a cup of tea when twitter Juneathoner @stephenamp complained “About to go run day one of Juneathon. Unlike January I’m far from bounding out the door… whole body just says no!”

When I offered  moral support / hinted at the possibility that giving up wouldn’t be so terrible eagle-eyed Juneathon mistress @jogblog swooped and effectively kicked me out the door with “Slackers! I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s run already!”

Sulking a bit I set off, up the hill, onto the main road, past a pub – resisting urge for pint – and on and on.

The first two miles felt more like six and seemed to take forever, the last mile was fun and zipped by, but by this point I could practically smell dinner.

On the way, when I wasn’t thinking about how thoroughly unpleasant running is, I learnt that:

1. I need a PA if I’m going to complete Juneathon. Already I have a day where exercise is physically impossible due to work at 7am, followed by a train journey, followed by pre-arranged drinks. I wondered if walking from one end of Virgin trains pendolino service to the other can masquerade as a work out? I’ve decided the key to success is in the scheduling.

2. Running is all the mind. Actually, I knew this already but I forget and then am always amazed by the discovery I can keep going if I just don’t stop.

3. Coffee cake 10 mins before a run will make you feel sick, even if it is a very small piece.

Distance: 3 miles
Time: 0:29:00
Pace: Respectable


30 May

2011  got off to an ambitious start thanks to Janathon – a month-long pledge to run every day – but has since stuttered to a near halt.

The obvious solution? Sign up to Juneathon.

Now that I’m a veteran I know what I’m in for and I have a score to settle with myself after letting Janathon fizzle to an undignified end a week shy of the finish line.

Aside from prior knowledge and a sense of wounded pride other developments during the past four months make me hopeful of success.

Firstly I now own a bike, thus doubling my exercise options on an uninspiring day.

Secondly my boyfriend has suddenly discovered his running legs – which are annoyingly far better than mine – and is threatening to do Juneathon, which will inevitably make me jealous when he starts eating enormous portions of pasta without ever putting on weight.

Thirdly I’ve just run the Chatsworth House 10k for the second time in two years – and managed to take an extra three minutes to finish. That’s right I’m now SLOWER than a year ago. I am now signed up to Juneathon.

There is no beach holiday / bikini incentive as I have agreed to spend my summer holiday in Scotland.

Two days to go…

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