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What a difference a day makes

13 Jan

I went to bed a defeated woman last night – so today I was determined to win at something. Anything.

Regular readers will have noticed that yesterday I was scraping the barrel to find something to blog without lapsing into a humourless wallow in my own woes.

But that was a different day.

Bent on turning things around I set my alarm super early, washed my hair, troweled on makeup and a smile, made really good, strong lavazza coffee on the hob, indulged in a crumpet and scratched the cat’s tummy all before leaving the house. Watch her go!

There was no looking back.

I made a running date with the charming @lyndsay_young who I knew would spur me onto greatness.

She and I are two thirds of a trio running the Southport Maddog 10k at the start of February – so this is shit is serious now.

We met at the Pump House on the Albert Dock and ran all along the waterfront.

By day or night it’s the most beautiful route because on the way out you have gorgeous views over the River Mersey to Wirral. On the return the city’s greatest hits – the three graces, Liver Birds soaring highest, Anglican cathedral, the space pod of radio city tower and the Catholic wigwam cathedral are all laid out before you.

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If you don’t like running there, then you don’t like running anywhere as Samuel Johnson almost once said.

I used to work in the same office as Lyndsay so while we still had the breath for it we got a power gossip in before lapsing into a companionable silence, during which my thoughts drifted off down the river to a vague happy place.

Oh and inspired by MrLumpyBadger and his ability to blog FROM the treadmill I took a few wobbly dark photos along the way.

We warmed down, stretched and parted ways after a magnificent 10k – I had no idea we’d covered so much ground – extremely satisfying to map afterwards.

I hopped on a bus back home and then got off with the intention to walk the short distance back to the house, but the ipod gods selected Muse at random, so when I got to the top of the hill I thought ‘sod it’ and ran downhill to my front door.

Now I’ve conquered the world I’m just about ready for bed. Night.

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