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Southport Mad Dog 10k

7 Feb

Southport’s “Mad Dog” run earned it’s name on Sunday.

You had to be mad to take on the howling wind, and given the gale force gusts battering Southport I did wonder whether I might be quicker if I completed the course on all fours.

Nevertheless, it was a momentous occasion as training buddies Janine and Lyndsay were running their first ever organised 10k event.

At the beginning of January Janine had never run that far in her life, and although Lyndsay takes part in the insanity of roller derby on a regular basis, neither had she.

I have run 10k before and a half marathon, so couldn’t lay claim to quite the same level of achievement, so instead basked in their reflected glory afterwards when we celebrated a successful outing with coffee in MacDonalds.

I still don’t know what my exact time was, as the organisers have had technical problems with getting the info out – weirdly some people like @carlatutte got their times straight away, while Janine and I are still waiting.

Anyway, according to my watch I crossed the finish at 11am exactly, but I don’t know what time we set off, although I’m pretty sure it wasn’t 10am on the dot. Also Lyndsay who was some way behind me got her time at 1:02, so I’m fairly confident I sneaked in somewhere between 55mins and an hour.

My aim was to do it in less than an hour, and without the wind I’d have zipped around faster still, so I’m viewing it as a triumph.

My abs aren’t so sure though, subconsciously I clenched them as I tried to force through the wind, and as a result I feel like I’ve done 500 sit-ups.

Running straight into the wind along the promenade made it a slow first 5k, but when we finally turned off the front towards the water stand the pace did pick up nicely.

Wiggling away from the front and across the bridges 5k became 6k without me even noticing it, which was pleasing.

Over the finish line I dived into the goody bag straight away, which to my delight contained Eat Natural bars. I am obsessed by them at the moment – I have no idea how many calories they contain (lots I imagine as they have scrummy whole almonds and macademia nuts in them) but I really don’t care.

Not a bad way to spend a Sunday morning.

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Cold comfort

28 Jan

Thursdays have become big run nights, they’ve also become the coldest day of the week.

Wednesday was a balmly spring day, today there’s beautiful blue sky and yesterday there was snow.

Admittedly it didn’t last long, but the flurry that greeted me as I left the house didn’t inspire much confidence.

I’d arranged to meet Janine and Lyndsay at 7pm, but Lyndsay had got stuck at work and wasn’t going to make it.

I don’t know what kind of rollicking Janine delivered via the medium of text, but Lyndsay arrived shortly afterwards in running kit.

We shivered out, stretched and set off along the waterfront.

Last week freezing fog meant we couldn’t see a thing, so last night it was a pleasant change to see Wirral across the water, lights twinkling away. There were a couple of ferry boats all lit up for evening cruises bobbing along too.

Pace was very varied as we’re all running at different speeds, but there were sections where I really felt I was in a good paced, but steady rhythm.

At around the seven mile mark I started to get bored and cold, but by this point we were running for home so that was incentive enough to keep me going.

Stopping, I suddenly realised how cold it was. My top which was a bit sweaty was icy. Nasty.

Still, worth it for eight miles. I’m now starting to think the Liverpool half at the end of March is very do-able.


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