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Sick day

5 Jan

I’ve got the lurg and had to phone in sick today – really annoying for three reasons:

1. I don’t want to die of swine flu

2. I was supposed to be covering a fascinating court case and now someone else gets to do it

3. I had to cancel tonight’s run along the Liverpool waterfront and let someone else down.

So I’m feeling sorry for myself and counting down to my next dose of paracetamol. The only good thing about today was watching the drama Eric and Ernie based on the early years of Morcambe and Wise under a pile of blankets on the sofa.

If you didn’t see it over Christmas I implore you to do so before it vanishes from iplayer. Daniel Rigby is excellent as Eric and the clever script avoids dodgy tribute act territory and instead captures a real sense of the fondness the pair had for one another. Not quite a cure for the lurg, but nonetheless a bit of sunshine for the soul.

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