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iPhone interruption

26 Jan

I run with music on my iPhone which is very handy, until someone rings me. Four times.

KT Tunstal was warbling away and the sky was blue, and although my legs were feeling heavy from a late night run followed by a morning outing less than 12 hours later I was at peace with the world as I trundled round my favourite 1.4 mile circuit. Until the phone started to ring.

I ignored it. It rang again. I ignored it. It rang again. I slowed down to look at the number calling and ignored it. It rang again.

Me: (breathlessly) Alf, I’m out running. I’ll call you back.
Alf: What’s not running?
Me: (hollaring into handsfree like a loon attracting worried looks from passersby) No. I’M out for a run – I’m running.
Alf: Oh I see.
Me: I’ll call you back.

I was more than half way round by the time I got him off the phone, but at least did manage to get into my stride before tackling the uphill section of the route.

Anyway, I’m still glad I got out and did it this morning because it now means I’ve got a whole evening off and 36 hours till a big long outing with my running ladies tomorrow evening.


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