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Wedding belles

9 Jan

Congratulations card in hand I walked to the post box as a warm up.

The card is for Kev and Han a pair of very good friends I went to university with who are now engaged. They are part of a group of which has remained close since graduating – but they are the first of us to do anything as grown up as agree to wed.

I reflected on how frightening it is to feel the tide is turning as I began my run. As my mum said sagely when I mentioned the news, “you’ll all be dropping like flies now.” How romantic.

Jogging across the field I realised that a Venn diagram is the best way to describe my feelings on the situation, so inspired by fellow Janathon blogger Cake of Good Hope and her ground breaking work with pie charts I drew one.

Ta da!

"Soon you'll be dropping like flies"

The Venn of fear and weddings

Crossing the main road and starting a gentle climb I wondered to myself if they’d set a date yet, and if so when Hannah would be starting the inevitable wedding diet.

I should make it absolutely clear that she looks fantastic, cycles everywhere, has a great bum as a result and most definitely does not need to contemplate losing weight.

Having said all of that, every other woman I know who is engaged is now on a wedding dress diet – without exception. No matter how lovely they all look – which must be very lovely as someone has been suitably impressed to propose to them.

One Janathon twitter type @herrygilly has gone as so far as to sign up to run the Liverpool half marathon four days before she walks down the aisle.

Pace flagging slightly and feeling a bit puffed out as I ran the slight uphill section I wondered if – in the event of me becoming a fiancée – I too would capitulate and take to the Ryvita?

I’d like to think not, but then as a stitch threatened to develop as I chugged along the final strait I realised I was fooling no-one, not even myself – of course I’d resort to some kind of Weight Watchers misery. You have to look at those pictures for the rest of your life.

I mused on the possibility of employing photoshop to do the dieting for me as I did my stretches, but then my expertise in that department is sadly limited (you don’t want to know how long that Venn diagram took).

I could enlist the help of an airbrushing expert such as twitterer @knittingpenguin, but then I may appear with giraffe features and wearing a Swiss hat at a jaunty angle – yesterday she revealed:

I used to spend far too much time photoshopping hats on creatures.

I was underworked in a badly paid job. My boss accepted that I was developing skills of a sort.

Marital diets and white weddings aside, it was great to get out and run again after being ill since Tuesday. Bring on the rest of Janathon.

Distance: 2.08 miles
Time: 0:21:30
Pace: 5.8mph / 9.3kmh


Giving it some welly

7 Jan

Drugs. That’s what it took to get me out of the house for day one* of Janathon.

I’m still feeling rotten with this unshakeable fluey/gastro/fever thing so my Janathon exercise for today was a brisk walk to the chemist in a snow storm.

I layered up and then layered up some more and then dug out the wellies as the snow flakes were falling thick and fast.

Just as I was about to leave the house I remembered the amazing hatphones so went back for them too. For those of you scratching your head and mouthing the word “hatphones?”  they were an inspired gift from my friend Portia.

It’s what you get when you cross a bobble hat and its cosy ear flaps with a pair of headphones – perfect for snowy weather.

In the pharmacy I was cheered by the sight of people who looked more ill than me, until the thought dawned that I was probably inhaling their germs so I made a swift exit with what will hopefully prove to be healing medication.

As I plodded up the hill towards home I saw paramedics scooping some poor sod into an ambulance and thought “I hope it’s just a nasty sprain”.

The playground of the primary school near my home was completely empty as I passed it, which seemed a shame as there was so much potential for snowball throwing and snowmen building. Instead there were two middle-aged men in high-vis vests probably worrying themselves about health and safety.

Distance: 1.5 miles
Time: 0:25:35
Pace: trudge

*technically day seven


6 Jan

In a fit of fluey delirium I have signed up for Janathon.

I know I’m six days late to the party and have spent the past two days under a heap of blankets with a raging temperature – but why miss out on all the fun just because of that?

My sickbed update is that at 4pm today I was able to eat a plain digestive biscuit without suffering any unmentionable side effects and my temperature seems to be held in check by the paracetamol.

Therefore I’m of the opinion that it’s a 48 hour bug whose time is almost up – and better still NHS Direct agree. I had a day off scheduled tomorrow anyway, so assuming I continue to feel better my grand plan is to eat breakfast and then go outside (for the first time in two days) and get some fresh air with a very easy one mile circuit of my home – walking.

I’ve checked the rules and walking is permitted, and frankly I think for the sake of my mental health I need a change of scenery. If I walk in a circle around the house I will never be more than two minutes away should I have a funny turn, but I don’t think I will.

I’m bored, ravenously hungry and need something to look forward to. Hello Janathon.

Sick day

5 Jan

I’ve got the lurg and had to phone in sick today – really annoying for three reasons:

1. I don’t want to die of swine flu

2. I was supposed to be covering a fascinating court case and now someone else gets to do it

3. I had to cancel tonight’s run along the Liverpool waterfront and let someone else down.

So I’m feeling sorry for myself and counting down to my next dose of paracetamol. The only good thing about today was watching the drama Eric and Ernie based on the early years of Morcambe and Wise under a pile of blankets on the sofa.

If you didn’t see it over Christmas I implore you to do so before it vanishes from iplayer. Daniel Rigby is excellent as Eric and the clever script avoids dodgy tribute act territory and instead captures a real sense of the fondness the pair had for one another. Not quite a cure for the lurg, but nonetheless a bit of sunshine for the soul.

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