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Grumpy goes for a run

12 Jun

A run will snap me out of a bad mood, as a general rule.

I tend to find that whatever winds me up during the day is overshadowed by the more pressing need to breathe, run through a stitch and not get mowed down by traffic.

But today it just wasn’t working. My inner grumpy monologue was not going to give up.


the grouch doesn't give up

“It’s raining and it’s not going to stop,” it reminded me every 30 seconds.

Interspersed with, “and your legs feel like lead” and the occasional refrain of “this isn’t as much fun as yesterday’s bike ride”.

In a huff I turned back towards home after it piped up with the killer line “AND you’ve got to go to work tonight”.

I got back even more grumpy than when I set out, because I’d been beaten by the inner grump – which made me mad.

Then I realised what a self-fulfilling grumpy prophecy it had all become and decided that I might as well go to work as it’s wet and windy outside and I’ve done my Juneathon for the day.

Distance: 1.26miles
Time: 00:11:30
Pace: 09:07

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