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Girl power

23 Jan

Freezing fog? Check.
Late evening start? Check.
Achey foot? Check.
Motivation shortage? Check. Check. Check.

In the light of that list, a later than planned finish at the office and the small matter of fitting in an eye test, buying a gift for the other half and finding a dress to wear for the weekend between said late finish and running date it wasn’t looking like I’d be doing more than a jog round the block.


John Lewis, ever reliable source of presents didn’t fail me, eye test was the fastest ever and dress was in the window of the second shop I passed and fitted like a glove. 

Laden with shopping and sports kit I emerged from what was by now thick fog to arrive on the doorstep of my running buddy Janine’s flat at 7pm. 

I wasn’t convinced we were going to get out, but we had a date with  the other member of our running trio @Lyndsay_young so we waited to see if she’d show, both secretly hoping she wouldn’t.

The problem is, to quote Lyndsay herself, she is “just stubborn” and plays roller derby – possibly the scariest sport I’ve ever watched – so despite being held up in work she arrived wrapped up and ready to go some time before 8pm.

It had been so misty and foggy for the past 24 hours that when someone was shot dead in Merseyside last night before our frontpage headline was the rather Dickensian: “Murder in the mist”. In the interim the weather had worsened.

Unperturbed we left, shivering, and made for the waterfront where the fog was thickest. 

Starting at the Echo arena we ran to Coburg dock and back all the way to the furthest end of the Albert Dock, three times.

And we did run because it was FREEZING and the air was damp, leaving my hair crunchy with frost afterwards.

As three Lycra-clad lovelies there was also the now inevitable pleasure of a car-load of leering males slowing down to offer helpful words of advice on breathing technique and stretching. And to ogle Janine’s very long legs and Lyndsay’s roller derby toned physique.

Apart from that the only other noise was that of the fog warning bell – or at least I assume that’s what the noise was. I know nothing about shipping, but it sounded off shore somewhere.

I’ve never run in such utterly miserable conditions and yet thanks to the other girls I not only got out and enjoyed it, I ran my longest distance of the week – I think between six and seven miles.

Afterwards we stretched for ages, until we had to eventually accept we were all going to be sore in the morning and give it up. I have no idea how long we were out for and I’m not sure exactly how many miles we covered, but it was certainly the most as a trio.

Of course left to my own devices I’d have spent the evening on the sofa catching up with everything – but that’s the beauty of having a pair of running buddies to keep you on straight and narrow.

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