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In which I walk more than I think I do

7 Jun

This is the part where I do my bit for the “annual festival of excuses” aspect of Juneathon. Well, someone has to right?

So while the rest of you were out pounding the pavements yesterday, returning on your endorphin highs, I was pounding the keypad of my waterlogged blackberry trying to bring it back to life.

When I’m running alone I need music, or else there is no running. So when the BB gave up the ghost yesterday there was no music, and no running.

There was also no time for the gym, so I have been forced to scrape the exercise barrel and am pleasantly surprised by what I’ve found.

Most days I take a bus to and from work, walking to the bus stop. Having plugged in the route to distance map tools website I am amazed to learn that this is a round walking trip of 2.2miles. Who knew?

So yesterday my Juneathon exercise was a 2.2mile walk, but it feels like a hollow victory so I’m off for a proper run now accompanied by a working BB.

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