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8 Jan

My brain probably did the lion’s share of today’s Janathon exercise because although I managed another 1.5 mile walk my mind wandered much further.

For the first time since Tuesday evening I’m starting to feel myself again to the point where I might be – whisper it – better.

The route was the same as yesterday, only today’s mission was to get a copy of the Times (their paywall is working in the sense that now it’s not free online I buy an actual copy) and more milk to feed my tea habit.

While I’ve been sick I’ve been merrily ignoring NHS Direct’s advice not to drink it because it’s a diuretic. I reason that the issue of tea-associated dehydration would pale into insignificance when stacked against the inevitable caffeine withdrawal symptoms I’d suffer.

To get to the newsagent I walk across a field popular with dog walkers. Today being a sunny Saturday and all the snow melted they were out in force – my favourites were a pair of raggamuffin twin terrier pups who were all scruffy ears and toilet brush tails.

But when did dogs start wearing coats? It wasn’t even that cold and they all had them on – bar one old labrador who was so obese I suspect it’s owner couldn’t find a pet store stocking XXXL.

One poor spaniel looked mortified by the embarrassing red tartan get-up it’s owner had lovingly inflicted on it. Recently someone described their friends to me as their “urban family” – the family they would have if they got to choose their own relatives. The thought occurred to me as I looked into the spaniel’s sheepish eyes when you’re a dog you can choose your friends, but you can’t choose your owners.

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At this point I caught myself day-dreaming about a blog post dedicated to dogs and realised my thoughts had completely wandered off by themselves.

This pleased me greatly because when I start running again if I can substitute my default thought pattern of “expletive-Ow!-expletive-Ow!-expletive-expletive-Ow!” with more diverting ruminations on what to write in that evening’s Janathon blog I might fare better.

By the time I got to the newsagent I was already trying to remember Wordsworth quotes – he is probably the most famous “poetwalker” whose work was directly inspired by his own rambles.

And he’s not the only one, walking and writing are old bed fellows. Perhaps Janathon is just a very modern twist on an age-old tradition – although I can’t quite see Baudelaire in a pair of Nikes.

Distance: 1.5 miles
Time: 0:20:15 (minus a minute to coo over the terrier puppies)
Pace: respectable

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