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16 Jan

I have just woken up and am blogging from bed with the help of my iPhone.

Belfast is a great night out – but now my head hurts.

Starting with a celebratory glass of Prosecco in the flat – I think the cause for celebration was my first visit to beautiful Belfast – we then had cocktails in the city’s answer to The Ritz before moving on to dinner at a scrummy seafood joint, accompanied by a nice bottle of wine.

It seemed a shame to go straight home so we didn’t – we went to the pub and drank whiskey and put the world to rights before returning home to polish off the rest of the Prosecco and watching Pretty Woman – which happened to be on TV.

Obviously it objectifies women, glorifies prostitution and is not to be encouraged – but I would kill for Julia Roberts’ legs.

So I am now a little hungover but also achey and this is Davina’s fault.

We did the combat training workout from her fitness video yesterday.

After not having used a fitness video since the 90s I’m now on a roll with two in one day.

Of course I was quite happy to get out on the rainswept streets of Belfast for a blustery run, but poor Sophie is a soft Southerner who hails from Shakespear country and as such cannot be expected to exercise outside in such conditions.

That is my excuse and I am sticking to it.

Anyway it may have been a good thing because this morning I’ve got aches (in a good way) in all sorts of places that I wouldn’t usually work even on a long run.

So Davina and Belfast’s drinking culture have left me a broken woman. Ow.

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