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Social climber

24 Jan

Wouldn’t it be dull if Janathon was just about running? Why not train all your muscles to do one thing and then just as they get the hang of it, take them climbing?

You see other half is a keen climber and he’s convinced that I have it in me to scale Everest too.

And so it came to pass that we spent Saturday at The Castle, an indoor climbing wall in Manor House.

Wisely, he had invited a fellow spiderman to partner up with (the prospect of winching me up a wall on a rope, sapping all of his bodily might in the process, wasn’t alluring strangely) which meant I got to climb with other sensible friends who have a better grasp of concepts such as pain and fear.

There were seven of us altogether which meant I had plenty of time to catch up with friends, while preventing them falling to their certain deaths with my expert belaying.

One of the other novices had spent the previous Saturday at the wall taking part in a five hour introduction to climbing course – a Christmas gift from his girlfriend. 

“I’m a broken man” were his words the next day.

I sympathise as I woke on Sunday feeling as if I’d slept with a wire coathanger across my shoulders.

Clearly running all the time does focus on certain muscles, so I suppose there is something to be said for giving all the others a workout. And I mean all of them, even my fingers.

I’m sure it has helped my flexibility, although the only cardio was my heart hammering with fear as I looked down to see the ground 20 feet away.

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