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Things I learnt on Day 1 of Juneathon

1 Jun

Had it not been day one of Juneathon and the shame of quitting therefore too great it is altogether possible that I would not have gone out for a run today.

I had to be in work by 7am and was filled with a murderous rage-like sensation when my alarm buzzed at 5.30am this morning.

After a day spent at the coal face of local news uncovering the kind of public interest news stories that the world needs to know about I had to have a little nap before I could contemplate running anywhere, and a piece of cake.

I was starting to weigh up the possibility of a cup of tea when twitter Juneathoner @stephenamp complained “About to go run day one of Juneathon. Unlike January I’m far from bounding out the door… whole body just says no!”

When I offered  moral support / hinted at the possibility that giving up wouldn’t be so terrible eagle-eyed Juneathon mistress @jogblog swooped and effectively kicked me out the door with “Slackers! I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s run already!”

Sulking a bit I set off, up the hill, onto the main road, past a pub – resisting urge for pint – and on and on.

The first two miles felt more like six and seemed to take forever, the last mile was fun and zipped by, but by this point I could practically smell dinner.

On the way, when I wasn’t thinking about how thoroughly unpleasant running is, I learnt that:

1. I need a PA if I’m going to complete Juneathon. Already I have a day where exercise is physically impossible due to work at 7am, followed by a train journey, followed by pre-arranged drinks. I wondered if walking from one end of Virgin trains pendolino service to the other can masquerade as a work out? I’ve decided the key to success is in the scheduling.

2. Running is all the mind. Actually, I knew this already but I forget and then am always amazed by the discovery I can keep going if I just don’t stop.

3. Coffee cake 10 mins before a run will make you feel sick, even if it is a very small piece.

Distance: 3 miles
Time: 0:29:00
Pace: Respectable

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