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Sunday sunshine

17 Jan

Eventually the hangover subsided and we were able to leave the flat and the city centre.

As the sun was shining Sophie took me to the seaside for a bracing walk in the fresh air.

We drove out towards Bangor and then joined a multitude of dog walkers and runners who were all making the most of the beautiful coastal path.

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The route winds in and out of bays, up and down hill and as such the perspective and views are constantly changing.

Sauntering along chatting and watching the ferries bob in and out of Belfast we’d soon blown all the cobwebs away and walked four miles without realising it.

Distance: 4 miles
Time: 1:15:00
Pace: Sunday stroll



16 Jan

I have just woken up and am blogging from bed with the help of my iPhone.

Belfast is a great night out – but now my head hurts.

Starting with a celebratory glass of Prosecco in the flat – I think the cause for celebration was my first visit to beautiful Belfast – we then had cocktails in the city’s answer to The Ritz before moving on to dinner at a scrummy seafood joint, accompanied by a nice bottle of wine.

It seemed a shame to go straight home so we didn’t – we went to the pub and drank whiskey and put the world to rights before returning home to polish off the rest of the Prosecco and watching Pretty Woman – which happened to be on TV.

Obviously it objectifies women, glorifies prostitution and is not to be encouraged – but I would kill for Julia Roberts’ legs.

So I am now a little hungover but also achey and this is Davina’s fault.

We did the combat training workout from her fitness video yesterday.

After not having used a fitness video since the 90s I’m now on a roll with two in one day.

Of course I was quite happy to get out on the rainswept streets of Belfast for a blustery run, but poor Sophie is a soft Southerner who hails from Shakespear country and as such cannot be expected to exercise outside in such conditions.

That is my excuse and I am sticking to it.

Anyway it may have been a good thing because this morning I’ve got aches (in a good way) in all sorts of places that I wouldn’t usually work even on a long run.

So Davina and Belfast’s drinking culture have left me a broken woman. Ow.

Part two

15 Jan

So yesterday I shirked my Janathon duties.

My intentions were gOod, but Soph picked me up from the airport and took me back to her extremely swanky city pad where a chilled bottle of white wine, the sofa and two months worth of gossiping on the sofa awaited.

I tested the water with the fitness DVD, but Soph’s face was not the happy face when I suggested cracking it out at 10.30 last night.

Matt Roberts DVD

Matt Roberts DVD

So today is double Janathon. This morning we put the DVD on and jumped around the lounge a bit – the last time I worked out to an exercise video it was Anthea Turner and it was on VHS.

I actually quite enjoyed this one, it was a 20 minute circuit training session alternating between arm and leg exercises which got my heart rate right up.

This evening we’re dining late, so we’re off for a run around the city early evening. Phew! Back on the Janathon wagon.

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