A brief intermission

3 Jun

Alarm buzzes, swear at alarm, realise I still need to pack for weekend away. Remember trainers for weekend of Juneathon activities.

Arrive at desk in semi-human state requiring immediate caffeine administration.

Find out a man has been beaten up and shot in his own home over night. Regret wearing ladylike dress and heels given prospect of heading off to Huyton like this. Another reporter is sent.

News editor threatens to hold weekend suitcase hostage until I file copy. He looks like he means it.

Shift is supposed to end. I am on the phone trying to reason with a member of the public.

I am on train to London despite palaver over buying wrong ticket from the not-so-fast ticket machine.

Arrive in London, pick up keys and hit pub at 6.30pm for drinks with friends I haven’t seen for more than a year and who are engaged.

It is impossible to squeeze in Juneathon unlesss I attempt a tipsy jog at midnight. Inadvisable.

To make up for this the weekend ahead will consist of tennis, gym and run.

Distance: Zero
Time: Insufficient
Pace: Frantic
Excuses: Many and varied


One Response to “A brief intermission”

  1. shazruns June 3, 2011 at 6:03 pm #

    Enjoy your weekend sounds lovely but busy

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