Family run fun

24 Dec

My younger brother is in the RAF, he’s home for Christmas and he likes to run. Brilliant.

RAF brother’s arrival is the perfect kick in the proverbial. I’ve been absent from the gym all week because of work and today with ice and snow on the pavements and Christmas looming a run wasn’t looking likely either.

Until the brains behind this operation came up with a plan. RAF brother said interval sprint training on the field nearby would be a good idea. It’s grassy, so the snow wouldn’t be dangerous and slippy and although it’s still freezing we’d do just six shuttle runs so there wouldn’t be time to get cold.

We sprinted 400m resting for 1:30 six times over, so roughly a mile and a half. The idea was to go flat out and then recover quickly, thus improving fitness.

I started too fast and had to walk to complete the first stretch. The field is very uneven – we weren’t running on a track, but on grass which was covered in about three inches of slushy show.

Learning from my mistake, I ran slower – but still at the top end of my normal running range – and didn’t have to resort to walking again. By the end my legs weren’t at all tired, but I could feel my heart hammering away – proof that it is a great aerobic workout.

“When you get to the bin it’s the final stretch so give it some beans,” RAF brother advised as we set off on our last 400m. Perhaps he thought I was holding back. I wasn’t. I was knackered. It was so cold our breath was freezing – apparently running in low temperatures like that is very dehydrating.

Afterwards he admitted: “Normally I’d do this on a running track, this was more like running in sand, up hill.”

Still, I felt like it did me good and so we’ve agreed to do the same again on Boxing Day.

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